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Building Trust. Creating Value.

About Us


The Risk Advisors (TRA) is a global management consulting and solution implementation consultancy firm. The focus is to work closely with the SAS institute to leverage the leading enterprise solution and analytics platform in providing an organization with an end to end ‘Enterprise Solution’.

The Risk Advisors is proud to be part of the SAS Partner Program with established expertise in various risk solutions to provide the industry best of the business and analytical solutions. The Risk Advisors' strategy is aligned with SAS's strategy thus ensuring that the team is fully equipped and up-to-date with the latest innovative solutions.


How WE Can Help You

get a free hotfix report

Get a free complimentary service of a hotfix report for your SAS environment. 

You want us to check your system? SAS Hotfix often resolves recurring and known issues faced.

Hotfix report will list the missing fixes required for each SAS component on your environment.

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